TA Holding works in the Automotive field with the aim of supplying specific expanded materials by focusing on customer oriented solutions. Starting from 2008 the TA Holding coordinates all the financial, commercial, organizational and marketing activities of the three controlled Companies:
  • T.s.s., Nichelino - Torino - Italy;
  • Tekspol Sp.Z.O.O., Czeladź - Poland;
  • T.d.M., Mexico City - Mexico.
This has made possible to reach numerous advantages such as the continuous up-to-date state of the art of our product range, the renewal of the technologies and the regular supply reliability geared to our financial stability. The growth of the customer portfolio shows the attentive and proper fulfilment of customers’ requirements and needs.


Many years of experience and specialization in converting expanded materials such as cell rubber foams, polyurethane, polyethylene, acrylic masses and melamine combined with the continuous self-improvement led us to our current well grown level of know-how. In this regard, we are able to provide our customers with the best suitable solutions according to their specific needs and applications fields. Especially to be emphasised is our specialization in producing sealing gaskets, anti-vibration, sound absorbing pads, filters and technical packaging, paying particular attention to meet and fulfil the norms of every specific application area. The production process of our finished parts occurs trying to follow the newest technologies and based on continuous improvement strategy.

download UNI EN ISO certifications : tekspol tekspan de mexico tekspan sealing system

The Holding TA is oriented to very high-quality levels in terms of:
  • customer satisfaction,
  • accurate manufacturing of the finished parts,
  • fulfilment of the norms,
  • renewal of the technologies,
  • coordination of the information flow among the production plants.
From the very beginning onwards the TA Holding has always focused great attention on being certified according to the globally-acknowledged quality norms starting from the historical UNI EN ISO 9001:1994, passing through the 2000 Vision Edition and up to the ISO TS 16949:2009 as Corporate valid for all our plants. Nowadays implementing our Quality Standard according to VDA requirements. In this regard, quality is not only a permanent fixture of our corporate culture but also an important concept in the outside world in terms of values of the individual person and of the environmental protection. Our productive activities are conceived in full respect of the norm for the safety at work and guarantee the suitable climate for the best efficiency and productivity.